Betcom Decoration
The Product
GRP Consists of Glass Fiber + Plaster Powder Material ( CaSo4CH_2 O+CaCo3+Mica+Kaolin+Starch+Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer) Plaster is a natural mineral-based product. It is non-combustible, asbestos-free, and is free from harmful agents or petrochemical agents and Chlorofluorocarbons free, Formaldehyde free.

CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons), were actually used as a blowing agent in others type of moldings products (PU molding) productions. All foams require a blowing agent in order to be able to expand—in addition, they decrease the severity or a reaction to temperature changes, they allow for a control when it comes to density and viscosity, and soften the foam.

Its natural-based characteristics make Plaster highly compatible with the modern environment as it works in harmony with nature and does not affect the ecological balance.

All our GRP are modeled and produced in high quality non-Toxic plaster powder and glass fiber to yield the fine quality add class and elegance touch / image to your wall and ceiling decorations.
The products can be touched up / painted with any type of paint.